Tech Tuesday: 5 Cheap Things to Keep in your Camera Bag

Being a filmmaker can be a busy and hectic job and when on set you never know what you might need. Here are 5 cheap things (under $15) to keep in your camera bag to make your life easier:

1. Gaffers Tape

Gaff tape is the videographer's duct tape. Being an industry standard, it is almost as adhesive as duct tape while leaving no residue. Great to have because you never know what you might need it for.

2. Earbuds

Sometimes you forget your headphones, I know I have. Having a pair of earbuds in your camera bag can be a life saver to help make sure you are getting clean audio. Having a small footprint why not just toss in a cheap pair just in case.

3. Multi Tool

I have bent my house key before trying to unscrew a quick release plate, its not fun. Having a multi tool on your person or on your key chain can be a versatile tool for any situation. Also your keys will thank you.

4. Lens Cleaning Kit

Have you ever gotten back from a long film shoot just to see dirt on your lens in every shot? Cleaning kits usually have everything from an air blaster to a microfiber cloth to get your lens clean and spotless.

5. Snacks

While this one may seem like a joke, trust me your stomach will thank you later.