Tech Tuesday: Beginner Cameras Under $1500

Firsts are something you never forget: First car, first kiss, and for people in the video industry first camera. Its the camera you learn the basics off of and even shoot your first projects on. For me that camera was a Canon 70D and it wasn't until recently that I finally upgraded.

So let us take a look at three different cameras that are all below $1500 but still packed with a ton of features and great for your first camera!

1. Panasonic Lumix G85

Coming in at only around $900 the G85 comes with a 12-60mm kit lens and a great all around camera for the price. It shoots 4k and 1080p at 60fps. Being a mirrorless micro four thirds camera it has a crop factor of x2 and packs a lot of power into a smaller body.

Pros: Under $1000, In body Image Stabilization (IBIS), flip out screen, 4k, Unlimited Record Time

Cons: May fall short in low light situations, no headphone jack

2. Canon 80D

At around $1250 the 80D comes with a 18-55mm kit lens to start you off. While this camera lacks the ability to shoot 4k it makes it up in other departments by having canon's dual pixel autofocus (the best in the industry) and canon's beloved color science. It also will shoot in 1080p at 60fps for that slow motion goodness 

Pros: Dual Pixel AF, flip out screen, headphone jack

Cons: 30min record limit, no 4k, 

3. Sony a6500

The a6500 ends up being the priciest on this list costing $1,400 for the body and a 16-50mm kit lens, but that price does come with great features. It can shoot in 4k, 1080p at 120fps, and has multiple video assist features. It also can shoot in the sony S-Log profiles to be able to capture the best dynamic range possible.

Pros: 120fps slow motion, 4k, S-Log, Good in low light, IBIS

Cons: 30min record limit, no headphone jack, screen does not fully flip out


Now the choice is up to you with what you want to start to film with! Each camera has its Pros and Cons and ultimately it comes down to what you like and how you shoot.

PS: If these are still breaking the bank you can also look into their lower models (G7, 70D, a6300 respectively) but know you will probably be losing some features.