Downtown & Around

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Some graduates of our program might remember some iteration of your first video production in Field Video I. Regardless of the context, the main goal of most "1st projects" in Field I was to familiarize yourself with the equipment by shooting video relating to some sort of theme. The topics varied widely and virtually all served as great learning experiences for the students. This year several themes emerged including "Downtown and Around" by Robert Seagle and Wesley Elder. While winter-time Wilmington can sometimes seem cold and bare, Robert and Wesley did a great job of capturing some of the architecture and style of the Port City. Combined with a dramatic soundtrack, great time lapse footage and a clever "bookend" edit of the Copper Penny, I think the guys capture the spirit of downtown and around. 

Click here to take a look. Downtown and Around

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Bill Bolduc

Correction 4/13/16 - Robert Seagle was the co-producer/videographer, not Bradley Reynolds as originally indicated.