Not really Christmas season but...

A few posts ago I wrote about how the Field Video II artistic interpretation project had become a favorite assignment of mine because of the creativity it evokes from students. Watching the evolution from a quizzical stare of uncertainty to the creation of diverse and fascinating interpretations is an incredible process to witness. 

Baby It's Cold Outside is just one of those interpretations that originally tested my own boundaries. While technically it is an interpretation of the album cover featuring the song, thematically the video actually deconstructs the "icky", or even "reprehensible", date-rape subtext of the traditional Christmas song, Baby It's Cold Outside. (Salon). Wow, that's a lot to cover in a short video montage. Noah Harrison, Emily Krochmal and Shanine West convinced me this was a great idea and I'm glad they did. You'll never think of the song the same way again! Baby it's creepy inside...

Screen grab from Baby It's Cold Outside - one strange Christmas story! 

Screen grab from Baby It's Cold Outside - one strange Christmas story! 

 Baby It's Cold Outside.

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Bill Bolduc, Assoc. Prof., Dept. Communication Studies, UNCW

Downtown & Around

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 12.16.59 PM.png

Some graduates of our program might remember some iteration of your first video production in Field Video I. Regardless of the context, the main goal of most "1st projects" in Field I was to familiarize yourself with the equipment by shooting video relating to some sort of theme. The topics varied widely and virtually all served as great learning experiences for the students. This year several themes emerged including "Downtown and Around" by Robert Seagle and Wesley Elder. While winter-time Wilmington can sometimes seem cold and bare, Robert and Wesley did a great job of capturing some of the architecture and style of the Port City. Combined with a dramatic soundtrack, great time lapse footage and a clever "bookend" edit of the Copper Penny, I think the guys capture the spirit of downtown and around. 

Click here to take a look. Downtown and Around

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Bill Bolduc

Correction 4/13/16 - Robert Seagle was the co-producer/videographer, not Bradley Reynolds as originally indicated.  

Persistence of Time - an artistic interpretation

A few years back I was reviewing a project with a student and noted that one of her shots looked a lot like Edward Hopper's famous painting, NighthawksYou've probably seen it - 3 lonely customers in a city cafe late at night, empty streets, a sense of loneliness. Quite a dramatic painting.

As I reviewed the shot with the student I had an epiphany, "I wonder if there is a way to create project for which students interpret a piece of art?" I tried it the next year and got lots of blank stares at first. But the work produced by the students was amazing - provocative, interesting, and creative. Almost every interpretation is unique and fascinating! Now it's one of my favorite projects for COM480/Field Video II. 

The Persistence of Time by Aki Suzuki and Francesca Giordano is an example of one of these well-crafted art interpretations - from the wardrobe to the performance, camera work and editing - it really communicates a fantastic sense of wonder and confusion. Bravo to Aki and Francesca for this bold interpretation. 

Click title to watch: Persistence of Time

Frame from Persistence of Time by Aki Suzuki and Francesca Giordano.

Frame from Persistence of Time by Aki Suzuki and Francesca Giordano.

COM/media Blog re-launch - spring 2016

What an amazing spring it's been here in the Communication Studies Department in Leutze Hall. Just a few weeks ago we were freezing and the trees were stark against the grey sky. As of today, April 1st, the whole place is popping with green, springtime energy! You know, of course, that that also means semester projects are kicking into high gear and our video equipment cupboards are often bare - with cameras, mics and lights all in heavy use. Whew! You remember those times - the incredible stress of looming deadlines mixed with the excitement of capturing incredible images and sounds...and sensing them all come together into a new creative project.

With the 2016 version of COM Studies Day in the rearview mirror, we're now in the process of updating our Vimeo channels and are excited about what's going on in the department. Our technology is in great shape and the students are working hard so there's lots to look forward to and to brag about. Look for more regular updates on the COM/media blog in addition to student and faculty projects, and commentary from some of your favorite professors.

Let's kick off the spring with this quick look at UNCW from above. Thanks so much to alum Tom Gale for donating our new Phantom3 drone! This montage is from a recent student drone workshop

Let us know what you'd like to see/read in the blog and what you're up to! Please share the blog!

Bill Bolduc and David Pernell

"Creativity takes courage." Henri Matisse